It's better if you dont understand
Adva, 15,israel.
Bruno Mars. Ed Sheeran. Fashion.


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The Hooligan Hangout Spot's Follow Forever List 2014


My favorite Hooligan blogs ever!! Some of u may not know it but I love you guys so much your just perf! And here they are, drum roll pleaseeeeeeeeeee….

#’s: 69withbruno //

A: allaboutbruno // allforbrunomars // alltheseyounggirls // allthingsphilsmeeze // alwayswithbru //

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I'd still catch a grenade for you
Throw my hand on a blade for you
I'd jump in front of a train for you
But you won't do the same
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Bruno lip syncing MJ’s “Human Nature” (x)

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Anonymous asked i really want my ribs to be showwwwnnnn why am i soooo fatttt :(((


its weird how in animals seeing ribs/collar&hip bones is considered sick or even abusive , but in people thats considered beautiful.

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  • edward’s eyes
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Bruno Mars -  Milan 2014 (Credits)

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Pictures from the new tour program

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